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kinda dirty patches on alloys

i noticed this the other day....well the other week shortly after i got it..

the alloys are in good nick with hardly a scuff in sight however;

i have a few areas on some of the wheels that look like... i suppose a tea stain would be the best description..

it has no texture to it so it almost seems like it is in the metal itself..

i tried (on a small area) cleaning it with some turtle wax wheel cleaner stuff....and this has absolutely no effect other than stinging my eye when i splashed some it it....i think hydrochloric acid is bad for your eyes isnt it ?


any ideas folks ????


  Shiny red R32

Well I used to be a Pug Girl, so I know what you mean when you no longer have a car that you have loved a lot! I have let go now though, as it was time to move on. You can do it too "usedtobeaVR6man"