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Knackered arch liner...

  RB FF 182
I think a garage that's done a few jobs recently has broken the drivers side arch liner, the part towards the front of the bumper if that makes sense.

I THINK I can see my alternator pulleys, which are now obviously exposed to the elements.

Will this cause any problems... or can I leave it as it looks like there is a gap there anyway even with it fitted?
  GW 200 Gone :( BG182
Its basically just a s**t guard, stops muck etc getting into the bay, would be better getting it replaced to protect the components in that area
  RB FF 182
Cheers, they come in two sections correct? Front and rear??

Or is it just one big sheet of plastic?


  RS Clio 172
my front arch liners went a lonnggggg time ago. one of them jettisoned itself on the motorway.