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Knocking from front nearside wheel when pulling off??

  Clio 172
I've got a 2004 Clio 2.0 182. Every time I pull away / accelerate hard whilst moving, I get a single knocking crunch like sound coming from the front nearside wheel area. It sometimes happens when braking too. You can feel it slightly in the floor, but the steering feels fine and it doesn't happen whilst driving along normally. I've just had the track rod end replaced, any other ideas what it could be please? Thanks! :)
  williams 2,seat leon
ive had this before. once it was movement in the the bushes on the lower suspension arm, and the second time the gearbox fixing bolt had loosened and was moving when it was under load and braking.
  Clio 172
Thanks for the reply DIDITNO, I've looked at both of those, they seem okay and there isnt any play there... any other ideas what it could be? Cheers :)


My trophy did it last year
I replaced the bottom arm ball joint but recently started doing it again
I've checked all the suspension
Only thing it could be is shocker top mount!!