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Ktec stealth fitting guide, anyone?


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Not having much luck in getting the exhaust to fit properly. I.e you can still see the backbox and its still knocking:mad: Anyone got a guide on how to fit it properly? Ive replaced the rear exhaust mount and done the socket thing. Admitadly it wasnt me that has carried out all the work but its still pretty much the same. The backbox isnt sitting where the grove is in the bumber. Is it best to start from the back to the front> Or the other way?
Help lol

  Lionel Richie
you need to twist the centre section round so it sits up against the underside of the car (not touching obviously) that will raise the backbox

knocking is probably due to the centre section not being "on" enough, probably needs pushing further down the car towards the front

pain in the arse system to fit though :(
  17RS2'd Cup
took me ages too. u defo need to slack off the cedtre section clamp bit that goes on to the back bok... twist the whole thing and push it towards the front of the car. shouldnt need any cable ties. just tough to fit