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Lambo progress pics.

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hey all

Just been fiddling. Managed to get the door to hold its own weight. But it wont hold it any lower than the pic below. its alot better than it was, but theres still loads of problems, catchs on the wing, taken some paint off, doesnt seal properly round the top edge and once it gets past about 60 degs the door really lifts up and theres only the top of the wing to stop it, more chipped paint, ouch.

Should pass MOT now, im hoping. The guy at the garge saw it this morning and said it wouldnt pass as it was, but ive now made it better so it should be ok.

but hey

I still think it looks gorgous even if it doesnt work to well.
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f**kin quality! I will ask you again mate, what wheels are they, where did you get them from and how much are they, can ya get them in 15s 195/45??
  Trophy #473

JoelDee, There Mania Racing Razors, only do them in 17 and 18, chrome and normal silver finish.

[Edited by nathanH on 17 February 2005 at 3:11pm]

No right next to one tho, freeky grave yard.:confused:
  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Quote: Originally posted by nathanH on 17 February 2005

JoelDee, There Mania Racing Razors, only do them in 17 and 18, chrome and normal silver finish.
LOL Prob wouldnt fit on my km1 ph3 then! have you done anything to your arches to make them fit?

I appreciate the attention aspect of it (goes with the RAC shade of orange and bling bling alloys) but its just ridiculous, like slapping on a V12 6.0 badge. I know youd say that youre not trying to make a Clio look like a supercar but it is giving that impression out, and its a bit stupid IMHO.

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The Gas struts wernt cheap, £200 but the hinge i made and that cost me £70 for the pair, but there a bit week, so im having to invest in some proper Decah hinges (as my gas struts are Decah ones too). but there not cheap either, kits are 750ish but cant find a company willing to sell just the hinge without the gas strut.
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My house is haunted, house in the pic is my Grand parents, they live next door, my house is just next door other side of the garge. shes a lady in a white dress, dont know if shes fit normally to scared take notice.


Mines lowered 55, not to much difference.



Not something Id do to mine, but it always impresses me when someone can do something like that themselves. Wish I could.

Obviously I saw the car in the flesh a few weeks back and it looks great.

Hope you get it sorted mate.

Well Done.

10 for effort, just not my cup of tea personally, but still, well done.

That was what Rob is trying to say too I think, at least I hope he is.

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What sort of weight have you gained by putting extra strength?

I saw a heavily kitted MR2 turbo the other week with those. Cant see how he could open them without opening the window though.
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my hinges wieght about 12kg each, proper lambo door hinges weigh about 16kg each. the opens normally about 20 degs then goes up.


Looks v.nice, i like the clean look - lack of bodykit, what engine you running?
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Looks cool!

Bit off subject but my missus bought me a Lamborghini Driving Experience day out for christmas! Get to belt round a track in an RS Focus to practice, then a few laps in the Lambo. Can I wait?? Can I f**k!!! Its a boyhood dream come true - used to have Countachs and Sam Fox all over the wall!!!


i like the doors, let us no how they are coming along, n goodluck with the mot if u havnt dne it alredy
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Very cool Nathan.

It doesnt look silly to me for some reason, it just works with the other mods.


you have far too much enthusiasm lol. Not a bad thing! haha

Just wondering, if your sitting in the seat, how do you reach the door handle that is now 13 feet above you lol.

Quote: Its a boyhood dream come true - used to have Countachs and Sam Fox all over the wall!!!

"Enduring image... im sure youll agree Ron!"

Quality!!!!! how comes they go so high?!!?

i swear all these kits u get off the shelf dont go that high!

looks good & 11/10 for effort mate!

if i buy the kit for mine, dont suppose you fancy fitting them for me! i just think they are so cool!!!!