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laptop bag/backpack.

I need something to carry my laptop to lectures, home and (if I make any) Friends flats.

Dont want the traditional laptop case because its to obvious for theives.

Been looking at backpack type ones but cant really make my mind up.

Anyone have and recomendations on a good bag/brand?

Budget of around £30ish.

Thanks :)
Hmm, you lost me at £30, hehe.

I have a Crumpler Cheesy Disco for my MBP - SUCH a nice bag.. expensive, but, well worth it IMO.

(Can take up to a 15" laptop).

Or, you can get the Crumpler Roll-o-notes which can only take smaller laptop's, but, is cheaper (£50 I think) - slightly odd site, but amazing bags! :)

Awesome! :p
Used lots of laptop bags, and none come close to a Crumpler for me. :)
I got a Crumpler Mcbain off ebay for £21 (holds pretty much just the laptop but has all the design features) happy with that :)
I use an Antler backpack I got from PC world for 30 quid. It's very rugged, well cushioned and has lots of wee pockets for things. It's also got a really good handle at the top for carrying like a normal case if you like.
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Ive got an eastpack backpack got it from tkmaxx worth £70 apparantly really good only paid £30 and its a proper laptop back pack with all the neccessary padding!!
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crumpler for me too, cost me £75 ffs lol

have seen crumpler in TK Maxx maybe worth a look. Timbuktoo bags are good too and Vaude
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cant u get those rubber ones for mac laptops, then u can just whack it in there an carry it under ure arm or bust it into a rucksack. yesss
at least the laptop looking bags, people know its a laptop so dont just throw it on the floor or sit on it.. lol
Guy said:
at least the laptop looking bags, people know its a laptop so dont just throw it on the floor or sit on it.. lol

yea, they just mug you instead and run off with it ;)
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I have a nice kickers one, not sure where from as mother got it me for xmas...bloody hard to find one for 17"ers though!
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^^ they look pukka, good price too!! if I was a train going person I'd get one of those.
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ive got a psp case and a big cd case of there and they are so well made and really strong! definatly top notch stuff. Going to get a laptop case as well sometime soon!