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Laptop To TV

Im trying to connect my girlfriends laptop to my TV, the laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2600 however it doesnt come with an S-Video Out connector.

So i have bought this...


I have the blue VGA bit connected to the back of the laptop and then have an S-Video Cable running from the this to one of these...


This is then connected to the TV via Scart hole 2. However when i try and move the picture from the laptop to the TV nothing happens. The laptop sometimes goes blank and the TV Flickers slightly with a blurred B&W image of the computer and then it goes again.

I have been trying other connectors but nothing, i have also updated the Laptops drivers and still nothing.

Anyone Help?
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Unless you have an LCD or Plasma tv (with vga/dvi inputs) then don't bother as the pic quality is shocking.
I know, but for now it will do. It so we dont have to both sit in front on the computer on one chair to watch a film or something.
Turn the PC off, plug everything in, turn the TV on, turn the PC on... it should resize the screen and work....

If not, try adjusting hte screen resolution to the lowest possible setting and trying again. My TV only works on the laptop when the screen of the laptop and the screen of the TV are on, if I turn the laptop screen off then the TV picture also dissapears. Try doing "Fn" & "F8" to swap.

Good luck, i nearly put mine out of the window when I was trying to sort it out on S-video. VGA is easy!
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Press Fn and F3, that should switch between the laptop screen and tvscreen. Oh and my tv has a vga socket so i have that connected to my vga socket on my laptop.