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Large nail in my 172’s tyres


Just found a nasty great nail embedded in the side wall of my rear tyre,it will probably need a new tyre if it gets taken out and goes down,but can anyone tell me the price of the Michellin tyre on the Mark 1 172,and where probably it would be cheapest to get it from,say on mail order.,has the spare tyre will do for a while.



if you are looking for one to match original tyres I think you will find it not possible - they dont make the Michelin Pilots with that tread pattern anymore - I ordered one Michelin Pilot to match originals when I had a nail in mine, and what came were Michelin Pilots, but with a completely different tread pattern, and I had to buy two, cos I was not allowed (by my other half) to have mis-matched treads!!

Good luck if you can find to match!

Hi Kis172

It wouldnt make a differnece would it if it was a slightly different tread pattern would it?

And how much did you pay for them,im only going to get one.


you can still get the SX up some places.

They went out of production, but you can still get them

the tread pattern is completely different on the current Michelin pilots - its not a case of a bit different! Paid about £60 yeah.

Hi Kis172

Thanks for that,theyve managed to repair the tyre,but am now using the spare wheel,has i cant be bothered changing it plus theyve slightly damaged the alloy on the original tyre,so thats going to stay in the boot.