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Lax Power

  Golf GTi DSG

Anyone got this months with BBs turbo F7 baby? From what theyve printed it sounds mental! But Max int always great on figures as we all know! I love the front end of the BBs vavler as well, very simple but effective in my opinon!

Sorry, I dont read any of those porn mags any more.

They are fully of s**t these days and over half the mags are just adverts for sex chat lines.!
  Golf GTi DSG

I agree, I recently took out a new subscription to Evo but when Max has Clios or R5s in I buy it! Did have some decent pics of BBs turbo clio as well

i cant see them exaggerating the perfoamnce figures though

i think it was putting out 240-260bhp at the BB rr day earlier this month

and had endless amounts of torque

the car itself is amazing, its the 1st car ive seen try and climb out of the rollers
  Golf GTi DSG

In Max they had figures comparing it with a 911, v6, standard clio etc and the the ft/lb figures on all didnt come close! Didnt give any idea of the cost of the conversion though, by the looks of the engine bay, pretty dam expensive Id imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

there was a price list on the BB rr day, but i never picked one up as it didnt have anything for the lowly 1.2 16v
  Revels Mum & Sister

Yeah but worth it if you have the money.

It is done properly and is going to make your car unique with shed loads of power to boot.

Couple people on here are having it done as we speak and are nearly finished (I think!)

Nick read and someone else.

Mite go and get a mag now have a little look. Need some Petrol as well!