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Leaking Headlight Washer Jet on 182!!


  182, black gold
the passenger side headlight washer jet is leaking on my 182:( , it still sprays fine but wont stop slowly dribbling my screenwash out, what could this be??!!


  MK1 Clio 16v
Knackered washer jet i'm afraid. VERY common problem on 182s, you'll need to get it replaced under warranty.
Aye, will be done under warranty. Mine were fine for 2 years then all of a sudden decided to start leaking. I never use mine (can do this but only giving short bursts when applying the screen wash).


  182, black gold
cheers, is it a quick job by renault?? and are they a universal renault jet that they wont have to order in??

only had the car 2 days aswell!!! :(
Depends on the dealer. Mine had to order them in, but since my car was in for other warranty work at the same time it wasn't an issue.

The dealer I use has always said to me that if I bring my car in first thing, they can look it over and if they order the parts before 11am they'll arrive the next morning.

Good luck.

Take it it's a 182 you've got? Well change your bloody avatar ;) (mini cooper pah!)