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Leaking oil(1.2 16v)

  Focus RS
Hey folks

Ive got a 1.2 16v Clio just now that will be getting sold in the next few months. But it's got an oil leak that's getting a little worse.

Its coming from the drivers side of the engine bay as that's where the drips are on the ground.

I will get it on the ramps tomorrow and have a look if the weather stays dry but is there any common places to look at first? I know the oil filter canister(think mines is the paper element not the metal can) so does the plastic part that holds the filter have an o ring that could have been damaged? I've only had the car for a month or 2 so not done an oil change yet.

  Arctic Blue FF 182
There are 2 o rings on the plastic housing. New ones come with the new paper filters I have found when doing them in the past. So there is the potential for them to have been damages when refitting.
  Focus RS
Right bought a filter, oil and a sump plug so will change the oil tomorrow. Filter comes with the 2 o rings so that's fine.

But had another look and the drip looks like its coming from a more central part of the engine. Any other parts that tend to leak?