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leather interior booked :)

  2004 Clio 1.2 16v

alrighty ppl as some of you will know ive been enquiring about gettin the car trimmed in leather..... well its now booked :)

went to transcal in livingstone today and spoke to a guy for a good wee while bout the interior and about the colours of the leather etc ....basically my spec was to get something that looks and feels quality but also looks modified so that it can be shown along with the rest of the car.....

we settled on getting the front seats, front n rear door cards, gear gaitor and dash inserts.....the seats and gaitor will be done in a dark grey colour almost black and the main part of the seat and door cards n dash inserts in a silvery grey colour kinda like the headliner in the car .....the guy said that the colours are almost the same as what is in the skoda fabia vrs.

its booked in for next tuesday and will prob be out for next fri so will keep ya all posted also when the install is completed that is gettin leathered too...bonus!!!

total cost 595 plus vat sorted
  Mk2 Golf GTI

Sounds mint, have you got a full rear install instead of rear seats? i cant remember seeing any recent pics of the car.
  2004 Clio 1.2 16v

not got round to properly creating the install full of good intentions tho lol

ive taken the back seats out and have a make shift install the now im going to build a frame that will fix to the car and then cut panels to fit....there is not going to be a whole lot in there 2 subs set of 6x9s and a set of front components going for sq rather than bass...prob dont even need two subs but it looks better at shows

once i get the car back next fri ill set about doing the install hopefully lol but itll def be completed and leatherd for the french car show :)
  H22A7 Accord Type R

my mate had his saxo done at transcal..............very very good job!!