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LED's behind front badge? :s

  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Just a random thought, but are there any laws against exterior lighting in the way of a few LEDs behind the Renault diamond, so it glows around the edges slightly?

That and... would it look tacky? I'm thinking yes, but unless someone else has tried it I might have to do it just to see how it turns out.
Piece of thin frosted acrylic cut to match the front diamond, set behind the diamond with one led lighting it up each end would look ok. Or it could look crap.


  MX5 1.8
i had that idea, but never got round to doing it... would be quite hard?
yeah any pics of the megane?
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Some pics of the maganes would be great. :)

Can't imagine it being that hard.. all depends on what you wire it to for power and on/off.

Will look further into it. :)
  Honda civic ep2 05
Saw a car last month cant member what it was but it was heavily modifed and had leds behind rear badge and they came on as a brake light didnt look bad tbf.
  proton compact 1.3 GLi
seen it on a saxo and it looked sooooooooooo tacky and shite and Rather chavy but whateva floats your boat
  Chocolate Bar™
just got these off andy over at meganesport :)



clio one wouldnt have the swirls in the middle as its a flat badge
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Could look better though I think.. Will be jumping on eBay tonight and ordering the bits and bobs to mess around with it. :)
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Bumping (my) old thread, but gonna be a boring night tonight so I went into town at lunch and popped into Maplin.

Will post again when it's done... ;)
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
I couldn't fit LED's anywhere behind the badge so I bought some "neon wire" but that didn't work either. Gave up in the end. :(