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im sure it was liam172cup, i might be wrong but im certain it was him

around 10 past 4 on commercial road (approaching turn, near the pub on the corner)

In mine mate, shouldn't be keeping much longer
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spotted you again today mate, around 20 to 5 if i remember but anyways you where sitting at the red lights approaching the roundabout near the Port of Tyne entrance, I was opposite you but you didnt realize so I didnt risk beeping or flashing at you lol
no problem mate, I might risk beeping for flashing next time lol it looks great up-close!

Have anymore plans?
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cheers. I'm looking to up the power a tad at some point like, just not sure if I want to do cams, itb's, or rs2. It probably won't be till next year now though... But yeah give me a flash or a beep next time you spot me.
It must be racking up the miles back and forth from shields to sunderland everyday, but im repeating myself it looks great!

Have you noticed the Trophy on commercial road? Its outside a metal works next door to commerical road car sales.
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Yeah its taking the mile ok though. Used to drive to hartlepool and back every day for work a couple of years back. Looking to buy a little 1ltr run about next year though.

And yeah its pretty smart always have a quick look at it on my way past. Pretty sure it has some kind of after market exhaust on.