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Well after the investigating i have been doing to find the person who did this to my valver (see picy below)(Cheers for hosting it aaronc)

stand there to my face and lies about it and to top it off the police are usless when it comes to a real crime all they do is fine people for pety thing so they cane have more mone off us folk for nowt !!!!

it really peeves me off that people who do bad things in this world get away with things scott free and the people like me that will help any one out get all the sh*t now ive got to pay out £600+ to get my valver restored to its former beauty with will bugger my xams right up

Rant over !!!!!!!!! for now

mailto:F@@k">F@@k John, sorry to hear and now see your valver like that mate. If theres anything I can do to know where I live.


sh*te mate thats crappy but believe me i know how you feel! There are some arogant buggers out there.

pete (16v write off thanks to some arogant bit*h)
  320d M Sport

Bad luck mate, hope its sorted soon. I had the same thing (well almost) someone ripped the spoiler from the roof of my old car (cost £250 to fix) and the police knew who did it and did nothing, theyre not doing much to raise the sh*tty profile they have at the minute, most people just think theyre complete nobs to be truthful....



  Shiny red R32


I am so sorry to see your pride and joy mutilated!

That would make me sick as I couldnt bear to have a tiny scratch on my car and no doubt everyone else on here is exactly the same.

Often my husband has threatened to buy me a little runaround for when it is wet as I dont even like getting my car wet and dirty from the splashes!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I hope you get some joy from the police, I hope everything turns out OK, and that your car is restored to its former glory.

I walked in to tho police station and told them heres the evidence arent u supposed to do ure job and catch the criminal or something well not exsactly like that coz it was with more sarcasim !!!!!!!!!!!

I have noticed the police are good at seeming helpful without doing bugger all


I basicly walked in the police station and told them to do there job but with sarcasim

but I have noticed that the police are good at seeming helpfull without doing bugger all
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Know what u mean bout the PO-LICE....I had a clio RSI two years ago, untill some b1tch pulled out from a junction whilst looking the other way and rammed me off the road - she was in a C reg 3 series - built like a tank - and she had her husband/boyfriend in the front and her two kids in the back! - she stopped, looked at me, and then drove off!

Got the reg and gave it to the police and had 3 witnesses - did the police do anything? no! It turned out that the stupid cow had no licence, tax or insurance, and the car was still registered to the garage it was bought from over a year earlier......and guess who i saw driving down the road in the same car over 6 months later? the same stupid blonde thirty something tart!

Why the f@ck do i pay taxes???????

Got a nice insurance payout and got my valver tho, and a nice whiplash compensation claim, because of the time off work i had and nightmares and fear of getting behind the wheel again - not! - Bought a new alpine system for my new valver, and guess what? - that got robbed about two months ago! Didnt even bother calling the cops - just lost my no claims bonus...

Just totally depressed myself now - wheres the stella??????
  Golf GTTDI 130PD


I wish you all the best in finding the b*stard/b*tch who did it, and if you do hold them, give us all a call and well come and help you open a can of whoopass on them!

Seriously though, my friend had his khaki coloured Corrado VR6 stolen....the thieves had managed to get past the alarm. He called the police who were told said Corrado had been in an accident and abandoned. The police had just stuck a POLICE AWARE sticker on it and left it there....then, the thieves came back with a tow truck and took it away again before the owner got to the crash site. He has had no luck in finding any part of his pride and joy, and the police have not been any help to him at all.

All the best my friend,


God, so sorry John. Feel a bit sick seeing that as I know how you feel. :mad:

** Not a good time for me to have just been accepted into Herts Police as a 999 operator is it - Whoops.** :confused:

police are next to useless, except nicking us for speeding etc..., do nothing about ppl parking like mailto:tw@ts">tw@ts or about much else. some Pratt pulled out infront of me in july and admitted it was his fault, yet the police REFUSED to come and do a breath test, when he blantently was not thinking about what he was doing ! pulling out onto a main road