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Life After the Valver - My New Car! lol

As most of you know i sold my 1.8 16v a few weeks ago to BRUN as i cant afford to run it come september. Since then ive got my new car - a mighty 1.2 - but despite warnings about not to bugger about with it ive had to tweak a few things; :wink:

First of, standard handling/road holding was w**k so it had to be lowered - i did the 35mm springs and torsion bar adjustment myself this week. The standard wheels were some skinny POS 13"ers so i forked out for some 16" speedlines (for sale if anyones interested). They looked ok but i didnt realise that as well as being highly nickable they also robbed me of the little acceleration now have. Sod that so ive removed them in favour of some 14" tyres on megane steelies...still a good improvement;

The heart of the beast! There wont be much i can do here until i afford to rip it out in a year or sos time but apparently these are mapped rather lean so i may drop a PBV in to give me a little extra;

Ooo! - lack of gauges!;

There you go - bask in the awesomeness of 60bhp!
  Mazda MX5 1.8

awww reminds me of my old mk1 which was the same colour

nice car dunno about the sun glasses on the dash tho


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Quote: Originally posted by u33db on 20 March 2005

Oi, BOYO - odds on it could tan your fat ass mk 2! :devilish: Luv it...
Yeh, but u look like a complete mongo now! hahaha! Esp if u wear those crappy sunglasses!!!! lol...

RR day soon, so ill decide MATE!!!

No, its fighting talk and i demand satisfaction!!

BTW - whats wrong with the sunglass - thats twice theyve been mentioned?!

When is this RR day anyway??


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

(a) When im well again

(b) Dire need of sum cash

(c) When i get enough interest.

But ill find out a big list of dates to satify everyone!

Its been thought of but this has to be cheap while i go back to uni. When i come out, its likely to be the GTT engine ill go for as ive done the valver thing...


To be honest I wouldn’t bother putting a GTT engine in, when you leave uni you will be best selling that car and getting a valver with the money you would spend on the GTT transplant. The track, brakes and general setup of that is nothing on a valvers setup and it will cost you a fortune to get the handling on par with a valver / williams.

Well the valver engine limits me to an expensive 160-odd brake and ive been there and done that. True, the williams handling on my 16v was the best ive experienced yet but theres nothing to stop me fitting that to this ive always wanted a GTT so this is kinda the best of both worlds...


Might be easier to find a valver with a blown engine thats being sold for breaking / repair and then stick the GTT engine in that?

I looked at doing a valver track / brake conversion on my 1.2 ages ago and it looked more expensive than buying a valver!

Well its the williams track i want again so itd to mean buying the parts anyway, regardless of wether it goes onto this or a valver. Way i see it is that id be better sticking with this as its got zero rust and low milage - to find a valver in similar condition would cost and doesnt seem worth it as just about everything would be ripped out anyway.