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Link to latest pics of my baby

Nice looking motor mate.

The backbox was only £140 all in. (Stainless steel and lifetime guarantee)

If you have a single tailipe its only £120

Mate I am thinking of 16s next can you answer a load of questions Ive got?

What width are yours? 6.5" or 7"?
What offset are your wheels?
What arch work if any have you done?
How badly does it catch/scrub?

  Abarth Grande Punto

they are 7" wide

not sure what the offset is

i have grinded off any sharp edges and taken out the wheel liners on the back.

it only rubs if i go mad!! 2/3 up is fine.

hope this helps

My guess, is that he uses something else but IE.

If you click the link icon in netscape, for example, you get two boxes - What Text and what Link.. its much better.

Also, in netscape, you can add code directly to the box, like [;)] for ;) - makes things soo much quicker.


Thats correct, but be honest Daz you didnt guess, you know what I use coz I am always visiting your site. ;)

By the way can you update my old pics if I email you the new ones?

Ben P, uh, yea..

miltage2, of course!

Ive taken a few photos of my car since Ive had the work done, but none of them really show it off greatly.. maybe Ill just wait until the meet to show people.. then try and get some pics!