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liquid yellow repair and wheel refurb in lincoln

  liquid yellow 182
Hi all, id really appriciate some advice if anyone can help me at all. I have a 182 in liquid yellow, when i bought it it had a small crack at the bottom of the bumper (and no splitter) the paint has started tro flake off either side of the crack down to the plastic, i would say its about an inch square. Iv had a couple of quotes both £250 - £300 from a couple of bodyshops, it was way more than i was expecting. does anyone know of anywhere in the lincoln area that would be able to tackle something like this without spraying up the whole bumper?

I also have some curbed turinis coming in the next day or so, does anyone know of a decent place in/near lincoln that would be able to refurb these and coat them black, i asked at the body shops i viited and they were both £70-£85 a corner (+vat) again im certain there must be somewhere that doe this alot cheaper. If anyone can help it would be greatly appriciated. Cheers :)
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I'd consider getting a new bumper and havng that sprayed, likely to get a better finish as it's fresh paint than having to repair, fill, rub down all the other imperfections and stone chis etc. To get the paint to match they'll also have to blend/ blow it in to touching panels. That might be why the price is as said.

as far as the refurb, look online for smart repairs. I looked at a couple and they're mobile so can find a local place or come out to you.


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you will never get a perfect match- trust me 100%

if you spray the bumper you must blend the bottom end of the bonnet & wings otherwise it will look gash-

I get my wheels done £36 a corner

  liquid yellow 182
Il have to bite the bullet and get it sprayed then, cheers for your help, where did you get the wheels done for that price??


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LY is a b**ch to get right as a respray or repair will look okay, but be prepared to get them to do it again if its not right :)
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ill vouch for Liquid Yellow being a Royal pain in the arse!! I was never happy with the shade on my rear bumper after i had it repainted even tho it was from the same can of paint!!!
  liquid yellow 182
Just had my speedlines refurbed and powdercoated black, they look AMAZING and was only £40 a wheel which i was well chuffed with! If theres anyone in the lincoln area, i recommend viking powder coating, now i just need to find someone fairly local that will do a good job on spraying the bumper
  liquid yellow 182
Sorry not a great picture took it off my phone, they are done to a really high standard, im really pleased with them. Im going to paint the caliper now i think, what does everyone think to red or yellow?
cheers guys!


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they look lush mate, very impressed. how long did it take them? did you leave the car with them? or take wheels off yourself?
  liquid yellow 182
I took the wheels, tyres and centre caps off and just took him the bare alloys, he had them done in a couple of days. I looked around a few other places who would do everything and i was looking at around £75 + vat!
i gave them a call and they wanted £45 a wheel for mine :S think they make up price depending on person
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Saw you driving through town the other day Darren, they look awesome. I did text Chris to see if it was you and he saw you in the village so yeah, niceeee :)
  liquid yellow 182
Ahh Cheers!! yeah i love them, got it just the way i want it now, you got any plans for your 172 (nice and tidy btw) i you driving in saxilby the other day :D