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Little Theefing B*******

Some little git has tried to break in to my car last night

they tried to lift the bonnet from the front Dumb f**ks

In the process they have broken the grill and light fixing on one side and bent the bonnet out of shape at the front

little f**king c**ts f**kers !!!!

why cant people leave things alone it really angers and as far as the police are concerned what a waste of time !!!!!!!

Rant episode 1

Sorry to hear that mate. Sounds like you have to be really careful around your area - didnt you have an incident recently? Where is it you live again?


well sort of i left the car while at work and some one reversed in to it but where i live used to be a really nice area

:( Can you find a lock-up locally? Might be worth it if you look at it this way: £30 per month = £360 a year for a lock up...but how much will a break-in cost you?
  clio 20v

not on the scale of yours but still annoying, i was working at blackburn college today and some theivin little bastid motor vehicle mechanic student robbed me torx bits out my toolbox while i was on me dinner

i wish id of caught em!!!

  Mk4 golf gti

they shud all have there fingers snapped off 1 by 1 shoved up dere arse and made 2 eat them dat show them thieving b******s

my m8s i.c.e got nicked bout month ago he was livid and so id b death 2 all thieving pikey sh*theaded c**ts:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Sorry to hear m8

I really believe what comes around goes around, i hope they have real bad misfortune, wa**ers!!!

Sorry to divert conversation with my first post and de-lurk... great website and forum BTW.....adiclio16v you say you were at BBurn college...where are you based? I live very Nearby if your LOCAL.

  Clio 197

Amateurs! You wouldnt mind it half as much if they were pros and took what they wanted without causing the damage.

Capital punishment is a good idea though...they always hanged horse thieves. Eliminates them from the gene pool.

Sorry to hear that mate. I know how you feel, ive had my passenger window smashed and 2 wing mirrors kicked off. Not cheap for a 17 year old! I was so paranoid i was thinking about selling my car and getting a poxy nova 1.0 instead!

b******s all of them, its a shame that its part of life. Were trying to organise a car pool to get to work, but theres nowhere id like to leave my car all day.

I thought you lived out dunmow way, isnt it nice out there?

I think we should be allowed to get the flame thrower alarms like in south africa. As the inventor wisely said "If youre stupid enough to stand there for ages, you deserve to die". Make it legal Blair!


dunmow its self is a dive better off going to one of the surrounding villages say barnston northend or the easters !
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT


Those flame thrower alarms are very effective. Although youn dont want to try the door handle before youve disarmed it hehe!
  190 BHP Willy 2

novel way of cooking a pastie tho! which is what i happen to have in my hand right now, yummy. With brown sauce of course though, he he.

I f**kin hate pikeys!! Does seem as though you aint having much luck Jon mate!

I hate leaving my car anywhere nowadays cos you know some gypos gonna mess with it!

What upsets me even more than theiving arseholes is the legal system which almost goes so far as to defend the bloody scrotes! Not even a jailable offence to break into and rob someones house! So long as its your first time! What a crock of sh*t they should all be flown to an island in the middle of nowhere that they could never leave where eventually they will die of natural causes and eliminate themselves from the gene pool!!