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local specalist

Everything is wrong with my clio . I live near cannock in staffordshire (england) so does any body know of a reliable mechanic in the staffs w/mids area . I need the cam belt and fan belt changing a water leak at the front of the engine doing (i think its a core plug ) the clutch looking at , tappits . Etc . Basicly i need someone who will do jobs mentioned and make sure everything else on the car is ok .I want everything done in one go so i can drive the car without being a nervous wreck .

I realise its going to cost but i need to get the stuff done properly

Try A&M garage in Birmingham, he is very reasonably priced and not that far from you, he did my clutch, head gasket and cambelt still all good 10k later, if you need any parts send me a PM and I will get you a price, might as well get the clutch changed at the same time his number is 07929133136, PM me if you want to know anything about the work he has done.