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Look at this skyline! madness!

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  M2 / Golf GTI
Even if I had 70k I wouldn't spend it on that :( Appreciate the hard work but thats gotta be a tiny market he could sell that to.
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  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Too many other nicer cars for the money - while I'm sure if it does have 1200bhp it would mince anything else in a straight line, for that sort of money I'd want something that didn't look so damn chavvy!

I'd prob go for a porsche gt3 rs for that sort of cash - preferably in white or bright green.
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  Writen off dci 100
1200 hp for 70k is a bargain

veyron boasts 1000hp and you'l not get much change out of a million lol

but then there is reliability... but then again its hardly a road car

and 2.8 BAR of boost the turbos kicking in would give you whiplash

if i had millions id buy it
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  White R26/Stripped Valver
Well id buy it, it would destroy anything and would scare the s**t out of me which make it worth driving. Knowing you have 1200bhp and probably one of the fastest cars on the road lol.


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its a miss print....should read "1200bhp with rear seats down, 500bhp up"
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  172 /megane cab
how much you reckon the turbos are worth. ? i think it aint a bad price if i win the loto ill click the buy now price by 10pm lol