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Loose clutch cable

  182 FFAT
So here's my problem..
couple of days ago I fitted the Helix organic clutch kit, as I had some problems with the original (car is 45k now):

1. there was the obvious crunch and squeak that we all know about
2. car standing still, engine running, pressing the clutch, engaging 1st gear and while still holding the down the clutch and revin' the engine above 4-5k the car is pulling slightly ahead.. so first thought was the clutch wasn't fully disengaged, right?
The problem is even after installing the new kit, it still wants to pull away when revving it above 5k, so now I suspect some clutch pedal assembly and/or clutch cable. well this is really annoying as i thought once the old unit is gone the problem will go away too.
Oh, and after a day of driving with the new unit the squeak reappeared :((
forgot to mention that the clutch pedal is a bit loose, meaning it travels down about 2 cm before pulling the cable. the biting point is a bit low also. I really want to get rid of the number "2" problem and enjoy the ride so any advice is welcomed