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Loose wire, bad earth??

  Seat Altea XL
Hey, well basically when i brake or put on the left indicator, the rear fog light flickers on a little... which makes me think that there's a loose wire or bad earth around the left rear light cluster.
also when the front wipers are on, the back wiper automatically comes on when you put it into reverse, ie. when the reversing lights are on, and now... it comes on when i touch the brake or use the left indicator.

anyone any ideas or how i go bout sorting it?


ps. 01 Clio (mk2 phase 2)
  Renault clio RL 1993
i don't know what's similar between phase 1s and two but the phase 1 has a connector right behind the speedo, brown one. if you can get to the connector, you could check for the resistance of each cable to earth and between the cables.. bulbs should return a relatively low resistance, below 200 ohms i accept.

A less scientific method is to use a test lamp and a separate battery. get a 9v battery and bond it's neg terminal to the car's neg. then from it's positive try the connector's terminals individually and take note of what happens... if you're interested, i can check for you which cable should control what...
  Seat Altea XL
that seems rather complicated for me!
I was thinking its more to do with the rear left cluster, as the problem only arises when the left indicator/brake lights are on, there's no problem with the right indicator!
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
i had a similar prob when i 1st got my 51plate clio.

alls i did was pull both rear clusters out, gave all cables a push into the connector black and check they were secure and as i put the light back made sure no cables got compressed....fixed it a treat, touch wood been ok since :)
  Seat Altea XL
just had the clusters out, its definitely the left 1 giving bother and its not the unit itself which holds the light bulbs. May possibly be the black connecter which the wires goes into, or else something on further back, i duno!
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
itl more than likely be the earth as you suspect, at a guess the earth in the light cluster will be the thickest wire of the lot, checkit for any signs of wear and tear etc