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Lost faith in 16V!!! NOT ANYMORE :0)

  Revels Mum & Sister

I have been having some problems with my 16V recently. Every little thing and a couple of bigger things went wrong. Onlky owned it 3 months now and thought I had made a mistake buying one.

After being Patient and driving my Missus Corsa 1.4 16V Sport :oops: it is now all sorted and running fine. Now I can rev it beyond 3,000 RPM without it dieing on me. And saying hello to mr Powerband again was the bollies.

Glad i didnt give up the little b**ch.

More smiles per mile than any other car I have owned. So what cars have been your favourites since you started driving and why?????

honestly the most fun in a car i have had was a volvo 340:oops:

but it was rearwheel drive and could spin donuts well easy
  Revels Mum & Sister

One of my other favs was my Nova GTE on Twin 40S and Cams. Went like a b*****d but with a fuel bill to match.

That was fun!

Really hate to say this, but Im relly coming round to the benefits of RWD over FWD driving round in an old clapped out 2.0l Sierra. It just goes where you point it, no matter how hard you put your foot down. Also starting to enjoy the lazyness of the engine, not having to change all the time to keep it on the boil and having low down torque.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Yeah I bet you are. Brother In law had an M3 EVO and that was insane. But very scary.

Come on people must be more repsonse than that!!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Im loving my Tipo. Its a bit like an oil tanker, you have to phone ahead to the bridge to get them to reverse the engines if you feel like stopping and it doesnt go round corners that well. Timed on my stopwatch at 0-60 in 12.8 seconds.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I loved my little mk1 1.8 8V golf, had this habit of going into a perfectly controlled sideways skid if you planted anchors on a slight curve....very cool, except in an emergency.

Hated my Corsa 1.6 8V with a passion...the manifold kept coming away from the engine. Once it even broke into 2 pieces, even tho the rest of the car was pretty solid.

Loved my mk1 Clio 1.4 16V...could rag it to bits and it never lost its footing.

Love my mk1 Clio 172...just gotta remember its got lots of power and I cant use the power pedal like an on off switch.


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

My 106 GTI was great fun for lift off oversteer, really controllable and u could chuck it around all over the place. My Punto GT was pretty nippy and always got looks - probly cos it was bright yellow on black 17s. My valver was fun but I wasnt overly impressed with it. The Gt Turbo is a rite laff, mad turbo power and sounds like a jet taking off. Im just keeping my fingers crossed that it behaves itself when it starts getting warmer!