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Lots of Leather..... HELP!

I have been given about 2 metres squarted of perfect condition really dark blue, more like black real leather. Its really nice, and thin and i want to put it in me car and theres plenty of it so n e ideas wot i cud leather? Ive already got leather door cards front and back, and im gettin leather seat covers soon, so wot else could i leather?
N e chance of leathering the actual top dash bit? Steering wheel?

N E IDEAS N E 1 Plz, probably worth well over 50 quid! Got it Free from a friend who was rebuilding a house and somehow obtained it

ya could do parcel shelf or would that luk a bit :confused: lol

i would if i were u and wanted to use it as anverywhere else sounds like its done

hehe, gud leathering!


  Shiny red R32

And if there is any over you could make yourself a leather jock strap! ;)

Or whatever you call it!