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loud noise from my rear end.....

  Broken Diesel Megane :(
...of car lol. ;)

nah, picked the gf up earlier and on way to mine i started to hear this loud noise from my drivers side rear wheel.

was doin about 70mph and faster i went the louder it got, sounded like a high pitched squelling but car felt like it was a flat.

so pulled up to check and all the wheels are well inflated which left me thinking it was maybe a bearing.

could it be this or any other suggestions?

also how much to fix?

cheers guys
  Broken Diesel Megane :(
please help as i would like to try get this seen to tommorrow as need car monday

  Focus RS, 182 gone
jack up the rear with the handbrake off, and try and spin the wheel, one of the pistons may be sticking
  Broken Diesel Megane :(
phoned garage and they said its a good bet it is one of these two things. how much roughly to repair?
about £80 for the bearing, as for brakes, depends if the calliper is totally fudged or not, but guessing will need at least new pads
  Broken Diesel Megane :(
ok cool thanks, yeah had a look at the calipers and they look in generally good nick (at least for a 4 year old car) but the pads look to be on way out so prob them.

best pads to go for?

tryed turning the wheel with the handbrake off and its seems quite free but sticks at some bits,, could it be the bearing or maybe handbrake not releasing properly?


(sorry to fire all the questions but garages aint open tioday so much rather find out what it is and get quotes on monday to make it easier and get done quicker)