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Loudest Exhaust noise!

  Renault Clio 197
Hi Chaps,

There is something seriously wrong with my exhaust on the 197, I drove it home and it was fine, then the next time I started it up it sounded like the car was underwater and spluttered (blowing) badly when setting off, only happened in 1st gear and a little in second then after when driving the noise went away as did the blowing, I've been informed its probably one of the flexis and hopefully I can get it off and welded, just wanted to know turn around time as I did plan on being at FCS on Saturday, would it make there on Saturday without the fix?

Thanks guys all help is very much welcome.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
I would don't drive it there without it being fixed unless 10 mins down the road. How far are you away?


ClioSport Moderator
Flexis are noisy 24/7 when they blow.
Doubt it's them. If it is, it's not dangerous to drive.

You need to buy the new flexi and get that delivered before you can weld it in.

Subframe dropped to get the exhaust manifold off. Long old task.

A lot of people change for the Toyosport manifold when their standard goes but you will need powerflex mounts to stop it knocking on the subframe.

Should powerflex mount it either way because they put less pressure on the flexis.
  Renault Clio 197
Problem solved! The pipe connecting the flexi to the cat is joined in the middle and was very loose, looked like a botch job from the previous owner, a friend of mine welded the O ring in place and used a vice to shape the clamp so it fits like a glove now, didn't realise how much power i had been losing through back pressure and it is absolutely flying now!
I shall go to the ball! (The ball being FCS)