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Love It Or Hate It....

  Suzuki Ignis Sport
Big thanks to Day for getting these done for me :)

They look great... but most of you will not like it! lol
(But then again, most of u dont like my car! :rasp:)




Comments welcome.
  E30 318iS x2
Like I said, really like the font and tis nice and subtle.

Also like the CS stripes on ya tail gate :)
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
I like it mate but this whole personalised stickers for your car business is getting a bit much imo.

Well some people call my car the HAZMOBILE anyway, so i thought i'd get a sticker made up, with the PH- bit aswel...

I like it anyway :approve:
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
I bought two, but only put one on for now.

Should i put another on the other side?

Thanks for all comments :)
  Ph1 172 + Combo van
looks good keep it i think mate.

does look a little like PH-HA2MOBILE, or is that just me?


ClioSport Club Member
Not for me. Think it's not helped by the fact PH is related to ph1 mostly, and your's is a ph2.

Plus PH-******* annoys me.
  Track 172 & Golf R32
i like it to be honest its a new trend now .. lil blondie then scweppy now u !! whos next cant see PH-SMITHY catching on


ClioSport Club Member
Gotta say I hate it, and think it is well too internet geeky. Fair enough it's your car etc, but no-one will know what the hell it means, and explaining it is gonna be well sad. Only one of my mates know I go on car forums, but thats cool cos he likes cars as much as me so does the same thing!

Other than that I quite like it, I think being non colourcoded looks good to be honest too.