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Lowering a 172 Cup

Will fitting a set of Eibach springs to my cup have any unwanted side effects - and would they upset the changes R-SPort made to the cups suspension ie is there any point messing with the setup the car came with out of the factory - they said theyve finetuned it but it rolls slides, skids, tramlines, cant get the power/traction down, understeers.......etc - I want it sorted!!!



yes it will upset the settings but it wont really cure those problems you quoted try fitting £2500 leda coilovers (sorry not very usefull as ever)

Cheers mate - obviously the coliover route is the one to go for in the long tern but in the short term a set of springs will help the roll(with front and rear strut braces) itll keep all wheels on the ground and itll look better.



yep your right but the ride will suffer (dont really know why i said that you dont care!!!) u gotta do some pics its goona look sooooo good!


sounds like you might want to try fine tuning your driving a little first and then worry about suspension etc. i have to say, ive found the handling very controllable and predicatable up to now, if a little skittish on bumpy roads. i had a 306 s16 previously which was probably slightly more neutral feeling but nowhere near the fun without the grunt that the cup has.

no offence intended btw but no suspension will stop a powerful front wheel drive car understeering under acceleration if grip is limited, its simple physics. if the wheels are spinning, they aint gonna be steering very much, if at all.





limited slip diff may cure the wheelspin (worked for the focus rs which has a similar power to weight) qualife may make you one

Well, talking purely from a Mk2 172 perspective, fitting Eibachs sorted out the handling niggles which I had, including body roll etc, the car seems alot more with it on the road now, but I agree with the other guys, it wont help you with understeer etc, but it has helped make my car more composed overall. Why not book yourself in on the next driving academy day with MotorSportEvents, then youll be able to push your car through loads of different situations and learn how the car reacts and what you can do to correct it in a safe environment? - It was fantastic when we did it :D

May you should have a look at a RaceLogic Traction Control system as well? ;)

I remember EVO Magazines longterm Mk1, where they pissed and moaned about the cars manners on road and track, until they changed the geometry somehow, which apparently transformed the car into a track day hooligan.

Mine pulls like a Cnut to the left, so I am taking it down to Southam Tyres for a full check. Might be worth doing before you go out and spend megabucks!


but, the evo drivers coulda bin muppets lol.... and they want to sell issues...

There is ALWAYS room for improvement.. however, a simple set of spring, shocks etc is not gonna be the answer long term !.

altering geometry CAN have a beneift.. but you have to decide if you KNOW that benefit AND can gain by it..

again, manufacturers spend millions getting it right, especially today when all this scrutiny can , and is, applied (And of course, the safety)

Some drivers, can make proper use of differing charactersitics.. I mean no offense to anyone here directly.. but... are YOU good enough to notice, or, make use off the mods ??.. sorry, but generally I doubt it, there are and will be some exceptions, but overall no way !. then, lets face it, the SUPERB handling of the 172 has been praised to high heaven... learn to drive it and you WILL learn a lot. Trying to make up for driver inadequacies by having the latest gaget or different setting will probably make you worse... and IT will drive you.

The skill for a lot of people is taming the beast.. that is not inteded to indicate roughness in the design, just that it is a true handful if pushed to the limits, it, like EVERY other design is a NIGHTMARE if pushed past that.

The traits that you love or loath are there to assist YOU... when you can truly say you have mastered it to the limits of its design, then its time to carefully re-assess the situation... but, alas, many are MILES away from that .

As a fun bit...:)

How many of you have played car race games on the console / pc ???.. I love toca 2 and gp3... I am sure the psx guys will have had a blast on their offerings too.. the drivers of the games tend to be of two types... type 1 gets in and goes and gets to grip with the car.... type 2 alters every damn setting that is remotely alterable and never gets good times lol... or, the times arent consisten due to more time spent messing about instead of using it as an education....

me ??... Im a bit of both lol !