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lowering mk1 rt 1.4

  Looking for a ph-quick...
Heres great guide i used for the rear....

The fronts, whip the shocks out - undo the top mount and the two bolts fixing it to the hub. Acquire some spring compressors, compress the spring on the shock to the point where it will not ping off and impale you when you take off the top mount, plate and bearing thats on the top.
Take off the spring undo the spring compressors, compress the new springs and out it all; back together!

Hope this helps!
  mk1 clio energy 1.4rt
after the torsion bar comes out do i push the brake discs up 55mm then tighten the the torsion bar up again and put the dusty cap on
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Yep! On yours as its got drums on the back, you have to push them up individually, i.e with a jack, then tap the torsion bar back in and they will lock in place!
  mk1 clio energy 1.4rt
oh right u have to put the screw in and then pull them out, and the push it back in.

How do i ensure it does not seize up