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Mac database app

anybody have any recommendations?

We use google drive/docs etc a lot at work - and as such have several data-filled google sheets which in an idea world would be in one database as there's a fair bit of duplication going on at the minute. Ideally I'd love there to be essentially a Google version of Microsoft Access - but I've not had much luck finding something so far.

It needs to be sharable/have multiple users - which is where the Google suite is brilliant.

I'm also craving this so I could create reports (and going forward a dashboard to display said data on a TV screen in the office) based on data - at the moment I have to shoddily do it manually and it feels like it could be a lot easier.

  A blue one.
FileMaker is pretty much the standard when it comes to mac databases, the company is owned by apple.


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It’s good and can do a lot. The same database can also run on the Windows version plus with FM Go on iPhone or iPad too,