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Mac Media Players - XBMC vs. Plex vs. VLC

What do you use?

I've tried all three now, and I've gone back to VLC. It's simple, doesn't drive my fans crazy, and it doesn't become a full-screen app and all that implies. XBMC even bricks the desktop behind it when you four-finger swipe. Plex, I just couldn't get on with at all.

The fancy schmancy library and UI approach of Plex and XBMC are nice, but for me, they ultimately spoil my enjoyment of my Mac. I'm a Finder+VLC man.

VLC every time unless I'm watching media from my PC then its Plex. I see Plex or XBMC as a connected to a TV approach rather than sat at a desk program.
  Clio 172
Only just started on the home media scene, currently using plex. Find it's great, the apps are so easy to use, and it works with the Xbox perfectly. Only biggest gripe is CPU transcoding, my microserver isn't really up to the job when streaming HD content.

What other media servers are a good option that my microserver can take? (possibly GPU transcoding?)
I should stress that I'm talking about players. Not servers.

Playing stuff locally on a Mac either through directly connected drives, or through network attached storage.

Streaming to another device that may not have full OSX functionality anyway, is a whole different story.
Can we even put VLC in the same category as XBMC or Plex? VLC would be on the same category as quick time or those kind of apps.