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Macbook Pro and Wifi connecting problems

I've tried googling but to no avail..

Basically my macbook pro has been connected to the same wifi source for over a year.. But recently every time i turn it on it demands i type in the password to the wifi..

When i type in the correct password it just keeps saying incorrect password and i have to press enter at least 10 times before it will accept the password i originally typed!

Deleted all the stored wifi passwords/routers from the system to see if that would work but it hasn't!

Thanks, Harry


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I have occasionally had a similar issue. I'm a self confessed IT r****d... I just re-boot the router, switch the MBP off, and 'generally' it seems to work. Not much help, but at least you know you're not alone with the problem. :clown:
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As above first thing apple will ask you to do is a SMC and NVRAM reset - fixes a worrying amount of things!
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Sounds as though it's a keychain problem. Turn off WiFi, clear your keychain and try to reconnect.

Resetting keychain -

Edit: I should clarify, the keychain is what stores your *saved* passwords, amongst other "verification" stuff like certificates. It should be totally fine to clear it.