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Making an Ipod mono?

  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
Hi, My dad is a huge music fan, But is unfortuantely completely deaf in his left ear, from an operation he had in 2003 to remove a benine brain tumour which would have killed him otherwise.

I've bought him a cheap ipod(its a 5th Gen 8GB),with some lovely Sennheiser earphones, not thinking about this, But obvoiously, music is in stereo, and he only has one earphone in, cause obviously, there's no point having both in, but this means some songs are completely different to him as bits of instruments, vocals etc are missing.

Is there anywhere of having all instruments play through the one (right) ear phone, or any earphones that we could buy so that he can hear everything in mono? OR a mode on the ipod maybe?