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Martin's Clio DCi Van


ClioSport Club Member
Cracked on with this yesterday as I've not had much time recently with everything going on in the world!

Finally got time to drop the old rusty, drum wearing rear beam off!

Spent all day rubbing down the 182 rear beam and painted it black and forgot to take any photos DOH!!!

Fitted a set of Powerflex polyurethane rear beam bushes, what an easy job, I've been dreading it!

Cleaned up the 182 fuel tank and swapped it over (removing the diesel tank obviously!)

got it back down on all 4 wheels and filled the gearbox oil back up with some ELF gearbox oil

turned the key and...…… It fired straight up! I cant order an exhaust with Ktec currently being shut so I only ran it for 5/10 seconds but she runs! I still need to order a pure motorsport AC and PAS delete kit and the eBay epas controller to get the epas working and waiting on a new rear brake line coming as the one that runs across the rear of the beam has seen better days so once that is all fitted i can bleed the brakes, fill and bleed the coolant and take it a test drive!

Ive still got 100 little jobs I want to do to tidy it up but in the meantime I pulled it out and gave it a quick, wash...





ClioSport Club Member
More progress today!
The rear bumper has always had a crack and missing arch liner etc since I had it

So I set about swapping it with the doner car I bought for its bumpers

Removed the bumper from the 2004 and the brackets behind it were rotten!...

Dreaded to think what I'd find behind my 2001 bumper! But actually it was perfect...

Also fitted the rear mud guards to match the fronts i fitted a while back, Much better...


Ktec link pipe arrived, that's tomorrow's job


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Had a bit of surface rust on the O/s suspension turret so I treated it and painted it today, much better. Turned out well so plan is to paint the bay next winter when the engines back out! I've got new top mounts on order hence the overspray lol

Also my ktec bend arrived so just need a smaller battery and a big filter!

Was a few bits of surface rust under the bonnet so sorted that out too


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  Kangoo 172cup
Sounds alright that, my Kangoo had a similar system on it when i got it, was proper cobbled together though. Was fast and discreet with stock airbox.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 T , Megane
Just had a look through the thread and really like the van parcel shelf over the usual full rear carpet but I guess they're a like hen's teeth to find now.


ClioSport Club Member
Just had a look through the thread and really like the van parcel shelf over the usual full rear carpet but I guess they're a like hen's teeth to find now.
yeah its pretty cool, most of them seem to get removed and lost it would seem as hardly any of them have one, I had to buy another van to get one 😂


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code read on it is showing this...

when bleeding the brakes via RS tuner when you select the abs pump activation I cant hear or feel anything through the pedal im sure I should hear the pump cycle?


ClioSport Club Member
Well she went for an MOT and sailed through without an advisory!!! (I would have been disappointed if it didn't given its pretty much been fully rebuilt and every bush and mount replaced lol)

then promptly on the way home from the MOT station threw an abs fault again and lit the dash up like an xmas tree and the speedo was reading wrong. not had time to look into it but that's this weekends job

however she goes well!


ClioSport Club Member
rear callipers were past there best so stuck a pair of rear callipers on it and some braided rear brake pipes:

been out doing a bit of visiting in it, started doing some easy miles to come across any teething problems, luckily nothing major its been sweet

ive started winding it up now and she goes well! ive done about 150 miles in it over the last week now, the look on a surprized Fiesta ST180 drivers face when he tried to overtake me on a long slip road when i held onto 4th and let that big ram air filter breath, needless to say he had to pull back in behind lol