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Martin's Clio DCi Van


ClioSport Club Member
Ive got to say I've had this out almost every dry day after work.

In all my days of driving 172/182 I've never had so much fun as I do in this.

It's comedy as when your in a genuine 182 the young lads in the slow cars leave you alone and the boys in the golf R's bully you. But in this, tip it into a roundabout with a bit of pace gets every young lad in their PCP fiesta zetec s flying up your rear end.

Had a few blasts with some fiesta st 180's and it starts to pull on them when you start getting to naughty speeds.

I also keep banging on about it but I can't believe how nice it is to drive about town with a standard exhaust and epas, its proper usable, and does 40mpg 😂

It's the Clio RS I've always been looking for!



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  Clio 172 T , Megane
Quality example Martin 👌. You can add me to the list of buyers if you want to make a change. I'd happily drop a turbo'd engine in for giggles 😁👍


ClioSport Club Member
Had it out again today since it's nice. I've had a little issue where on hard braking it dives left, the pedal feels nice, I've bled more litres of fluid than I care to remember, all calipers are free and healthy, geometry is spot on.

Doing a bit of research I found one thread where a faulty abs ring was causing it for someone, plugged in my mates snapon machine to check live data and rear left sensor is showing as dead! I hope that is my culprit!!



ClioSport Club Member
Local scrappy got a white dci in for breaking, went and had a look as my front bumper had a load of scuffs on it!
Mine looks like this...

One on the scrap car was dirty but good condition, £30 later...

Swapped over the rubbing strip's, gave it all a clean. Not swapped the fogs as one of mine has a broken bracket and doesn't sit right so I'll grab another good condition pair as mine are also stone chipped to piece's!

Happy with that!

Big Toe

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Campus
Out of interest, why didn’t you swap the subframe over rather than drilling the dci one?


ClioSport Club Member
Out of interest, why didn’t you swap the subframe over rather than drilling the dci one?
The 182 was crash repaired and the front frame had had a knock, didnt look too bad but i knew the DCI one was perfect as it had been hunter aligned not long before, they are identical anyway other than the hole for the 4th mount


ClioSport Club Member
been daily driving it any day that its dry now that I work close to home, get to use the ramps too after work which is a bonus!

because the original 182 was such a shed i just transfered everything over without spending any money on belts etc incase the engine was poor, turns out its mega strong but now the dephaser is getting noisy so going to pull it out this winter for belts, an engine refresh, clutch, gearbox rebuild and any other little niggles, ive done about 2,000 miles since converting it though and its been spot on, touch wood!