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Matts Blue 172 Cup - YE53MAT

  Clio 172 Cup
Hi all
Decided to make am up to date project thread, don't find myself posting much but looking for some ideas on what to do for the car.
Bought the car 3 or so years ago. Pretty much standard apart from lowered and HIDs. Believe it was on about 93,000 miles.


At the moment the engine bay as a solid engine mount, strut brace (aesthetic if anything). The top mounts were temporary and later replaced with OEM new when i replaced the suspension. Also a cold air feed and air filter, battery cover, novelty horn.


Aside from the new numberplate for christmas, a big difference to the front end was the headlights. I initially tried cleaning them, sanding and polishing them, even toothpaste.. But no difference so I just resorted to buying some brand new ones.. Look a lot better!

The suspension started knocking and eventually after a look it turned out the springs were too short at the front. Removing them didn't even need clamps as they were so short.. Not sure how the car managed for so long like that. So purchased some bilstein. A much better ride. Worth the money

It handles a lot better now and gave me more confidence round track at FCS, and hoping to take it out for the action day in april assuming I get new tyres by then


Also there's the occasional bonnet. After an accident I had to put the front end back together. I couldn't find a matching blue at the time so I ended up with a lighter one and just sprayed it matte. Seems to appeal at the car events though!

(Adding more)
  Clio 172 Cup
I decided to look around for some new seats. Wanted something a little different.
Found some cheap type r seats and decided to get them reupholstered (rails and upholstering probably matched the price of buying 182 recaros.. but hey lesson learnt)

Under seat sub doesn't fit under these bases..

Here's how the car is at the moment. I tried out canards as the concept seemed cool, Not sure about them but I have no reason to remove.



New bulbs on the rear, much brighter reverse lights and LEDS

So far -
Exterior: Sunstrip, wrapped bumper, wrapped foglights, lowered, turinis, rear wheel spacers, whiteline arb on the rear
Engine: Air filter, solid top engine mount, oem topmounts, dogbone, air horn, battery cover.
Interior: ph1 horn stalk, racing wheel, Civic type r seats and harnesses, flocked dash and A pillars.

I'll add more when I can think of stuff or have improvements.
  Clio 172 Cup
Something i fancied, its literally a loud beep. The old horns from the bumper /bracket but knackered and i fancied something different.
The dixie horn also took up way too much bay space and toyed with the idea of a switch which could flick between both horns but decided against it.