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Max Power - Clio Cup vs CTR

  Abarth 595 Trufeo

In this months Max Power.

Civic v Clio Cup: Which is the hottest hatch?

This is a good article on The Clio Cup Vs the Civic TR.

I will try and borrow the lad in works copy and scan the article in

and post the thread later.


Went out for a ride in a CTR for the first time today, as my neigbour had one on loan for a test drive, it was fast throught the gears but the noise was a bit muted, didnt have the loud growl ive expected when the vtec kick in, nice car though but it look a bit sh*t from the rear 3/4. Much rather have a ITR.

reverse tape..

CTR pisses all over CUP in rival mag........


bastud reporters, dont know sh*t... strange.......... ?????.. isnt it lol...

and the lord damned the name non clio... for it was forbiddeneth by the female (?).. it shall NOT come to pass.. oH !!!! Verily!...

I bow to your regalness and sense of non biasness and fidelity....


Being a Clio forum doesnt automatically mean the Clio is the best car ever. A Clio 172/Cup is good and might or might not be the best depending on the needs of the person buying it.


Man-Chun - I did not mean to indicate that the Clio was the best car ever in the world, but that the opinions of most members of the forum would be ever so slightly biased (maybe, just maybe!) towards the Clio rather than towards the CTR - otherwise this would probably be called the CTR Forum!! :D

LMAO Captain - Are u a preacher in your spare time?? l.ol Read Evo and CCC mags people- much more informative and MATURE than others especially this month as both have articles on the CUP/172/CUP racer/V6 and V6 racer - Cup comes up trumps - lol!!!!!!
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

Have finally got hold of the magazine off the lad in work - for some reason he has to read the whole thing at least 15 times????

Will scan in the pages later on tonight