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Just gotta finish making a new filler pipe up and i can lower the back end, then all she needs is the screen fitting in the dash and shes finished.

One the filler pipes on she should fly through the MOT re-test too so i can drive her soon.

Ill post some better pics up when shes properly finished.




I fitted a phase 2 grill after everyone said it would look


[Edited by case on 25 March 2005 at 11:54am]

Stunning are you going to the FCS?

Good to see that p2 grill going to good use!

What colour is it? 676 black?

Do your indicator units have clear secondary inner lenses to them?

Yeah ill be at FCS, no the indicators are just normal should have a amber lense behind the glass.

Its a black base coat with a blue pearl over the top, most of the time its like a dark blue colour.


looks like a really good job your doing, its gonna look the nuts when slammed.

keep us posted with more pics

any ideas what those new angle eyes from k-tec would look like on it?

Been tempted recently but worried they might look rubbish.


Thanks for your comments

Seems a preety unanimus (sp) no to the angle eyes so at least that saves me some money.

Its not even finish yet and i cant help but think what to do next. either a rear engined mk1 or something completely different like a calli lowrider.