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Mazda RX8 Enhancement Attempt.....


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So for Christmas the Girlfriend told her Brother I'd detail his car, He loves it being clean but is definitely not into detailing at all.

Car came to me relatively clean except for a few areas.



As you can see no protection on the car at all



Weather restricted my photos so sorry about that.

Wheels washed with WWHW then treated to a good soaking with Iron X


This is where I skip a load of work :dapprove:

Car washed with AF Lather, Tar removed with tardis and fallout treated to with AF Iron Out, Clayed using the G3 Farcela clay mitt.

Car was the dried and gone over with AF Rejuvenate leaving a nice smooth clean surface.

It then rained so I had to change my plans and wait for Marcus to finish work to get into their barn/workshop to continue with the work, This meant a 4 mile drive along wet muddy roads.

Pulled in to the barn and sprayed down with plenty of water and dried off again.

Leaving a nice base


I then thought I'd try out my DA as I'd not used it yet, Went with Poorboys Blackhole on a CG Black Hexlogic pad.

I was happy with the results as was he, Decided to carry on as light was fading and the lighting is not brilliant in there.



Still plenty of swirls and RDS but it was just meant to be a thorough clean so using the DA was an added bonus for him


Finished off with Capture the Rapture and wipedown with AF Finale, Tyres treated as always to Megs Endurance, Glass with AF Crystal and Plastics with AF Revive, I had also cleaned the exhausts right up with Wire Wool and Autosol.

Not the best pics as I'm s**t with my camera, I was rushing and very hungry.








Results are not perfect the pics are far from decent but thanks for reading, I will try and give it a freshen up at some pint and try and get some sunny daytime pics :)



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Looks loads better, arches could have done with a clean and dressing.


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Looks really good that. Was going to comment on the dirty arches, but assume that was from the drive!
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Cheers guys... I had scrubbed the arches whilst on my driveway but yes the drive trough the country roads buggered that up, had Dressle in my kit bag ready for the archliners but they were too dirty once we got it in the dry, Something for another day :)
Looks good, Andy - but that thing is a state! Needs a good couple of days spending on it, so what you did in that limited time was excellent!!


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Cheers folks..... He's on about selling it once he completes his Land Rover build that you can just make out in some pics but if he keeps it I'll no doubt spend a few days on it trying to get it to a much better standard.


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Looks like a great job for the time spent on it, bet he was chuffed.
He was very happy, To be fair he was amazed at the finish after AF Rejuvenate so anything over that was a massive bonus in his eyes.

looks great!
Thanks :)

It's made me want to book off a few days and get to work on mine as I'd say my paint is probably just as bad as his :(


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Lather I've been using for the past 12 months and like it, It's V1 and running low so will no doubt buy V2 of it once it's gone,
I've only used Rejuvenate a couple of times now and it is quickly becoming a favourite if mine, Used it on my Fathers old tired Volvo and loved the results