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Me and Benr went for a blast in new 16v


Went for a nice blast with benr today as he got his new motor, and its an absolute minter! Very nice and very quick.

Nice bit of rally driving sideways through rounderbouts and flat out on the straights. Bens motor didnt pull away that much from me but certainly couldnt catch him!! lol

got some pics below:
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Wicked afternoon!


Ps take a look at the wheels below.... both have willy wheels but they are different. Benrs is slightly darker with no silver rim and all gold unlike mine which are slightly lighter. Mine are from a willy3, what do you think??.

aaronc wheel Bens wheels

hi bondy, they definately arent prima wheels as they came off a willy 3.

Bens motor is approx 170bhp. To be honest it was hard to tell whos was faster cos bit of traffic about but i couldnt catch up as i started behind him but he wasnt pulling away either.

Good fun though. Bondy you will have to join us on a sunny day.

Hello all!!!

it is indeed a fab car, about perfet.

It also leads me to think Aarons cars is far from std!! or just the only motor which was hand built at the factory! lol

Lets take it apart and ave a gander eh!

Talked to Dunn, the creator and he said they are real willy wheels, the colour is corrct, but he didnt get the silver rim put on as the finish was not perfect.

So, i have the right colour, Aaron has the right silver rim.

As long as were both faster than a Willy, im fine..........just wait till the throttle bodies go on!!!

good work that man need sum help with a head soon mate.

ps arron gotta get out for a run soon your car ok now ? how about those willy wheels???


im not letting you near my engine!;)


Sorting the willy wheels at the mo, will let you know as soon as poss