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Megane coupe is a williams

or nearly, the f7r engine in the megane coupe is to all intents and purposes a williams clio lump...

that should help some cost effective conversions

Craggy should put one in the back to go along with the saturn 5 up front LOL

  mk2 172

theres a few already about with that conversion joe, nick, mat, and ben will know the differences, think its the head being the main one. what is saturn 5?

hee hee.. Jeeeez, craggy..
the saturn 5 is the booster stage that launched the moon shot !!

Didnt realise it was public knowledge on the Megane Coupe..

probably the induction system I would guess, along with exhaust.

the differences are minimal in output.

got a contact for clio cup parts.. suspension etc.. mail me off line.. when I have prices I will make the info generally available.

I am hoping for a race cat... front struts and rear coilovers.. the ecu is not gonna mae a difference and is too expensive. I have me eye on a modifye EEC-4 with EDIS to fuel any future mods.

An interesting quote from a cup race was "the 172 is fantastic.. but it handles like sh*t !"

hee hee

If you compare to a cup car, yep.. but.. it is possible to bring the standard trolly up to a similar spec. Neggy camber as I intimated in an earlier post, accurate rear toe setting.. and coilovers at the rear..

I have vounteered to be a tester..




Yeah, Nick at Hillpower uses megane 2L lumps instead of the williams as you can get them cheaper and with less miles on them, mine had 19,000 on when it was fitted.
The bit that makes the willy more powerful than the megane is the head and manifolds.


The Renault UK PR guy @ the trackday said the clio cup tuning parts will be made available to 172 owners in a couple of months - all warrantable...


What ive seen is exhaust and ecu.
No doubt there will be airfilters etc but only proven ones and anything else will invalidate your warranty

  mk2 172

you still toying with that idea nick?, just think of the 172 slaying performance coupled with your mods eh??

Hi Guys,,

Ah well, I was only aware of this gem a few days ago whilst looking at engines for clios

As for the cup parts, I am looking at genuine race parts - not the production cup..

eg.. front uprights and springs / damper combo.. AR bar.. rear coil overs, rear adjustable geometry hubs and race cat... also, probably a manual quick rack If poss.

should be good fun..

will keep the 16" wheels though ...


After driving one of the PalmerSport Clio Cup race cars yesterday at Bedford Autodrome... any parts you can get to get it closer to that will be fantastic.. they are absolutely stunning machines!!