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Megane Reservoir conversion


ClioSport Club Member
I'm sure I read about this on here before, but cant find it on search or on google.
Principle being the meganes had a remote reservoir that moves it away from the M/C that's right next to the exhaust manifold.

Just after more GEN on what meganes to source from etc.
  172 Race Car
I think we got it from a mk1 megane 1.4/1.6 8 valve, I just cruised the local scrap yard till I found one. Its much easier to remove from the scrap car if the engine is out. Also got the bracket that holds resorvoir to the bulkhead. Pipes needed a very minor bend and a few mm cut off but its pretty much a straight fit


Might have to look into this myself, however I'll need a take off for clutch cylinder too, I guess it could be easily T'ed into though.

Helpful thread!