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Members from the North/Yorkshire

Hey All, Just joined forum, soon to join membership.Wondering if anyone either a forum user or a Cliosport member was from any where near York? Ive got a 99 gold Clio,1.2,Ive done abit of work to it, but want to do more,i.e Lower it,and put a bit more Ice in it,any suggestions?? (websites,or other forums), would be grateful. E-mail me @">

Yeah I live near York well nearer Selby to be precise!

I have a Cup!

e-mail me at">

Most of the members in this area are from Doncaster way!
  mk2 172

yes mate, im from donny, welcome to the forum, search this forum, there is sh*t loads of great info if you catch onto the right thread


Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Do any of you come into York on a night?? If so, where do you go? You dont know how long Ive being looking for a decent Clio website, whats the best suspension to get? (pi, spax, koni.) I used to work in Motorworld a few years ago, and have really lost touch with all the tuning/styling side of cars.
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lets be honest. There has never been any tuning styling in Motorworld. Halfords is way better lol ;-)

Hi Andy,

Im from North Manchester, nr Rochdale.

Send me a pic of ur car and Ill "do some mods" to it in photoshop if you want. I get bored easy, gimme something to do!.

Decks,I havent seen you around,where do you go? do you go anywhere near clifton moor? The Raiderman,Ive recently been going to Harrogate,and met a lad in a GT Turbo Starlet,Do you know of him? Or do you know any of the guys on the website? Also do you know a lad who drives a mk3 1.4 16v? His reg is **51 UCS. Decks or Raiderman get back to me, could meet up some time,if you wanted??