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metro turbo

i recently wrecked my williams and on friday im picking up a metro turbo to run around in until i can sort somethin else.

has anyone had any experience with them?

just wonderin what theyre like really never seen one before bit hey i dont have to pay for it

yeah i thought so.

apperntly its got these little lights by the map lights that go from red to green to show your boost. sounds amusing

I dont think they have major power. People think "turbo" and envisage 200bhp, but I think they have less than 100bhp as standard - in fact 85bhp rings a bell.

you can make a metro FLY especially the turbo. The A series is common as muck and because of this, it has been developed to death. Cheap turbo head, and there are hundres of specialists about.

You can get a nice 200bhp out of it wit work, but a more modest and reliable 160 is fine.

Best get in contact with adrian knigt or avonbar....but MED are extremely good.
  Clio v6

I rolled mine about 12 years ago. Slow down for bends is my advice.

Justed loved the "Zippyness" it had.

itll do to run around in, should be able to beat a few 1.6s and that.

anyway i always wanted a turbo just so i can get the loudest dump valve possible fitted.

anyone know its 0-60

Follow that link above - it says 0-60 in "under 10 secs". Its actually a very resonably written site; I was expecting something like "the Rover 100 was easily the best hot hatch ever and even today a 1.1 slays 172s".

shame it aint a member of the VAG, a company makes dump valves for them which are sumthin like 130/140db! you knock some people off there bikes if u changes gears at the right time! lol

  CTR EK9 turbo

We joint-bought a metro turbo a couple of years back and it was quite cool - only cost £150 - weve still got the engine. This is what happened to our Metro Turbo after my friend Stevie got his hands on it:

You can wind the boost up using a screw driver apparently? not sure how tho.....
  BMW 320d Sport

LOL Mental! I just saw a 6R4 driving past in Earls Colne the other day. Dont know whether it was a replica or what but it looked genuine and it was a wicked rumble as it went past.