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MG ZR 160/ ZS180 V’s Clio 172

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I am curious, there are a lot of these cars near me (seen three today) and I wondered if anyone has ever raced one or driven one? Would my Mk2 172 be able to beat them in a 1/4 mile or 0-100 or on a track?

Just curious dont wish to race one (at least not until I have worn my engin in).

  mk2 172

i think the 160 is quite rapido, one stuck with rhys on the motorway in his 172 a while back. there is a brand spanker directly across from me which i wanna race, its an old guy who drives it though, dont know if hell be up for it.

Well me and Ben H beat the mg 25 last night on the way home from southend on the m1, was wicked, first he gets had by one clio then i move over and let ben have him too!

  mk2 172

yeah mat, since i posted this i had a play with one on a very steep hill drag race and beat it quite easily. it was more than likely rhyss 172 was only on low mileage at the time as its not done massive amounts at the mo.


Craggy - you sure it was a 160? I think the only difference between them and the 120 or the diesels, appearance wise, is a tiny little badge on the boot saying 160. If you were in front then it would be hard to tell the difference.

However, yes, I did only have around 1000 miles on the clock when I was playing with that ZR,

  mk2 172

twas defo a 160 rhys, the badge, wheels, and twin zorst with chrome surround, he had a passenger, plus it would favourr me uphill, i did smoke it, but he could have fluffed a gearchange or owt, iv done it plenty of times, i guess the only way to know you had a proper balls out race is to stop and chat.


I had a go with a 160 a couple of minths ago from the lights off the motorway up a dual carriageway with a slight incline.

I fluffed the start due to too few revs, I fluffed the 1st to 2nd change a bit, and still had time to undertake him and pull in front before hitting traffic... pretty quick, but nothing for a 172 or a willy to worry about.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Excellent I have seen two more today, 1 black one blue, they look nice but a bit over the top for me. Still yet to see another 172.