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MINI Cooper S

  Leon Cupra

Picked up a broacher and price listing for the new MINI form my local BMW dealer today. Got home and started looking through the broacher at the Cooper S and it is a very nice motor and saw that it was only 14.5K not bad I thought until I noticed the options list for it. BLOODY HELL!!!!! This thing would cost a f**king fortune to get up to the spec of a MK2 172. It’s a nice motor but its way way over priced. One good thing if you do have that sort of money is the guy in the dealer said because there are so many options he has never sold two Cooper S’s the same. But you have got to be looking near 18 grand for one with the spec of a 172.

  Leon Cupra

Optional stuff as folows-

metallic paint

Lether trim

Map storage pockets in seats

Air con

Auto lights

Rain sensor

Xenon lights

map reading light

vanity mirror lights

front fog lamps

Trip computer

6 CD changer

The list gos on and on to long to type up, i was very suprised BMWs are normaly kited out very well as STD.


map and mirror lights are options!

how much do those two items alone cost!!!

im gonna laugh if its over 100 quid!

well...the smaller items arent too badly priced......but you really shouldnt need to have them as options should you.....

wonder why they did it liek that.

cheers for the info tho.

Not to mention that with this equipement the weight will increase...Even less hope (if there was) to catch a Clio !! ;)

Today a French Clio Sport owner did a little run (less than 1/4mile) against a Mercedes S400 CDi.

He won , while he was leading the guy in the S400 stopped pushing his car to hell , seems like he doesnt know he would have won after the 1/4 mile.

I think he must be depressed to loose against a Renault !! (y)

That little thing is fast !

Feck that.

I like the Copper S - but that bloody options list and the prices - tarts handbag.

I like the extras that the 172 Mk2 comes with. But the only reason I have them is because they come as standard. Otherwise I could quite easily live without them! I definitely wouldnt spec such items as map pockets, auto lights, auto wipers, vanity mirrors, map light....blah, blah...

Definitely a tarts handbag.


  Shiny red R32

Desmondo, dont you think that the Cooper-S comes with a lot of jewellery with all the little chrome bits and pieces everywhere?

...and BMW will still be making a loss on the Mini too. Just like Audi did with the first A8, its about establishing the brand to rake it in later generations.

I took a Pooper s out for a test drive last week just to see what all the fuss was about, the one i took out was for sale for £19500 and had every extra in it. There was fcuking buttons and switches everywhere. Id rather have the 172 by a million miles . Bit of a poofs car if you ask me


  Shiny red R32

Nobbynobby, not forgetting the scaffold tubing on the inside of the doors! Arent the dials awful too, especially the one stuck onto the top of the binnacle, or whatever it is called. Silly shiny bits of chrome dotted about here and there on the outside too, and the little shiny strip of a bumper, and the assortment of jewellery on the car, as one of the car magazines called these bits!