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Mini Ring Track Day Completed Sat!

Hi All!

Thanks alot to those who came from this BBS and others! the whole day was a brilliant success with 3 Clio 172s in attendance including mine.

Track was awesome, completely different to what anyone expected, daunting in some places but exciting and massively fast in other areas.

I am planning on arranging another track day down by Ringwood soon, the organisers of the day who run the circuit were amazing, let us drift the cars as much as we liked including throwing gravel all over the circuit and their words were "We want MORE!!!"LOL

Oh BTW its called the Mini Ring as when Top Gear tested here they said its a mini version of the Nurburgring! which is it

Great day.


Agreed! Big thanks to Harj for organising the day.

It was an awesome day out & as Harj said, nothing like we were expecting or had done before.

The day was run more like a tarmac rally stage than a conventional trackday. Cars were sent off a 30" intervals as the track was too narrow for safe over-taking. The stage was just under 3 miles long with every sort of corner you could imagine. It was ideal for hot hatches & really was a mini Nurburgring! The 172s were maxing out at about 110mph in 4th on the back straight (just 5mph less than a Subaru Impreza Sti 7 that was in attendance!)

There should be some pics & hopefully video clips on Paul Wicks excellent website anytime soon.

Watch this space for more events at this superb venue.



Its near Ringwood in Hampshire.

Ill upload the photos this evening and maybe the video (need to find an FTP program first).

Its a compilation movie (external and in car footage inc a sideways lap from the white 205).

Is a 16MB file too big or shall I split it into a 10MB and 8MB file????


Paul do whatever you think mate! Im sure there will be lots of people downloading it so quicker download the better maybe including pics

Kis172 its on Boundry Lane, its an MOD Proving Ground. I will be posting a new thread for another track day there for the 9th August!

Stay tuned!


going from Ringwood (A34) up Boundary Lane - on the left, nearly opposite Roy Forest Scrappy? Sorry to be so insistant, but I used to live in Ringwood and I am going down there next month to visit a friend, and would like to go and have a look at it!


I very much doubt you will be able to see anything from Boundry lane as the circuit is owned by the MOD and it sealed off from prying eyes

The circuit is around 2/3s of a mile from the main road so all you can see are big gates and it says no tresspassing.