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Mixing Tyre Treads

  Clio 182, Astra Sri
im going to need some new front tyres soon :(

i currently have hankook ventus evo s1 all round

this tyre is now discontinued.

after doing some research i like the sound of the uniroyal rs2's, but the tread pattern is entirely different. will it matter? the tread pattern of the s1's is like continental coontact sport 2, whereas the uniroyals are like t1r or eagle f1s.

i can budget around £150 for a pair of tyres (i know its important to spend as much as you can, and this is all i can spend)

any advice? or any reccomendations over the rs2's?

many thanks



ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
As Gaz the car doesnt pull to one side. Just make sure best tyres are on the rear. :)
  Clio 182, Astra Sri
What do people think then, should I go for the uniroyals or something else? Within the £70per tyre range...