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Mk 1 172 Big mileage & reliablity

has some one who has actaully lived with a 172 for a long time/big mileage give an opinion on what its been like? i need a newer more reliable car that can comfotable swallow big mileages, the early Mk 1 172s are good value nut i cant help buy question the reliability but this is offset when compared with the ultra relaible CTR buy the clios high spec (A/C etc)

i guess i would proably be buying one with 15-30k on it and will be doing up to 25k a year in it, i need to be able to use it everday, im not for one minute questioning the cars ability its ourley the reliability and running costs i need to consider

wyatt gates

i have done 53000 miles it is x reg main concern was discs at 36000 and waiting for dreaded 72000 cambelt change.go to good garage not renault because mine is import and been modified trhey seem to charge want they want for servicing.remember to get checked out for track use because it puts alot of stress on car.24000 cost £190 36000 cost £480 48000 cost £ 350 these were hard miles

this is very encouraging stuff, im sure i remeber seeing loads ofposts with people experiencing problems with thiers, maybe i was mistaken, I know problems are inevitible to an extent but so far they seem few and far between.

Slugger 40k a year in a 172 is very good going, what is the manufacturers warranty on the MK 1s and is it transferable?